Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Dear diary,
I've had my spanking, actually it was 2 spankings. The spanking was for staying up late (sneaky staying up late after Marc has slept). My bottom still had 1 sore spot from the previous days' spankings, but I compromised myself, tried not to protest and just accepted the hard swats applied on my bottom.
But why, why when I have made up my mind so well to just accept it, Marc went easy on me ? The spanking lasted not very long, and I felt really pissed because of the unjust spanking. I have to admit, it hurts a lot, a lot, but despite scared of the pain, I still hope I could be punished hard for my disobey....
After the short spanking, Marc asked me to kneel beside the bed for a while, showing my spanked bottom. But I was very frustrated because of the unjust punishment, so I argued with him. Actually I tried to argue with him, tried to protest, tried to fight with the hope that he will punish me more. I even bit him on his arm ! What a brat I was !
But that lead to nowhere, I felt really bad, not only because I felt I wasn't punished "right", but also because of feeling bad about my attitude toward my husband. I decided to admit to him, I told him I needed to be punished more. He seemed surprised about that, because he thought I was hurt a lot... But since privacy was the problem for us, he felt uncomfortable to continue, worried that someone might hear (actually I think everyone in the house which wasn't asleep could hear the sound of the spanking). So, we went to bed, I told him something about the unjust spanking, that I needed him to be strict and consistent with me. I tried to sleep, but couldn't.
After a while, when I gave up on hoping he would continue, he asked me :
- Are you still feeling uncomfortable ?
I nodded and whispered : "Yes"
- So, get up - He told me.
And there we went to the bathroom to continue our session. I bent over in the bathroom, pink bottom bared, and Marc started spanking hard right from the beginning.
- When you feel you need more, ask for it right away SWAT,SWAT , right here, SWAT, SWAT
- Never wait till everything is done SWAT SWAT SWTA and then tell me it's not enough,SWAT SWAT
understand? SWAT SWAT?
After that was the rain of hard swats landing on my poor bottom, knowing my fault, I tried not to move, not to protest, not to put my hand back, until he said it was done.
I went to bed with both my cheeks red, swollen and sore. I said to Marc :
- Thank you very much. I love you.
He said
- I love you too. Remember to behave.
And we spooned to sleep....
Today I'm writing this with a sore bottom... I think I won't be able to sit comfortably for several days.
But I love it. I love when each time I sit down, the sore bottom remind me about my dear husband, the effort   he made to discipline me, and how thankful I am to have him.

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  1. Oh bless your heart... I have so been there!! It's so hard to ask what you need... but we must, our husbands can't read our minds, even though they do a good job sometimes! ((hugs))