Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Trying hard

Hello everyone,
I've had to back to work since Monday, after our holiday. So I didn't have time for blog or email. But I could read all your comments when you posted them, because they were emailed to me so I could read on my mobile phone.
Thank you all, for coming by, coming back, and leaving comments. You all gave me a lot of courage, both on blogging and on practicing DD. Since we've been too busy, we didn't have much time for each other. But when we were together, I've tried so hard to obey my husband  and to make him pleased. Sometimes I felt an urge to     "test" him, but I tried to hold myself back. As some of you have said, I'm trying to be more submissive, and trying to make my husband see that what he did worked.
But... sometimes it's really hard to be a good wife :) Today, he asked me to keep his mobile phone for him while he was making coffee, and when he asked me to give it back to him, my bratty side won >.< I told him "Your mobile phone is confiscated" and refused to give it back. Since we were sitting on bed, he turned me around and started smacking my bottom with his hand : "Are you playing game with me ? So, your butt isn't sore anymore, is it? " I just got about 7,8 hard swats over pants, so it didn't hurt much, just enough to make my bottom warmed up a bit. I have to admit, being spanked (when it's not a severe punishment) is really nice. I didn't push him anymore after that. I was teasing and just joking with him, and he knew that.

Sometimes, you don't need to spend much time with each other to feel close, right?


  1. Hey... PK suggested we come over and visit! Welcome to blogland... and Dd... Nice blog..

    Yes, when it's not a punishment, spanking is very nice! Very nice to have a warm behind and not be in trouble! LOL

    1. Hello Mikki,
      Welcome to my blog, I hope you didn't and won't find boring here ^_^

      Actually I like both kinds of spanking, both can make me feel close to him, and the punishment spankings (beside the pain) make me feel more submissive. I love the feeling of being taken in hand :) But I will try all my best to avoid punishment when my bottom are still sore :)


  2. Right, IMO it's not the amount of time spent together, but the quality of time spent together. Take Care.

  3. Hi Nita, that was a sweet entry. To play and love.

  4. Quality time is very important but sometimes quantity is nice, too. By the way, your blog is off to a good start. I hope you keep sharing.


  5. Happy new year to everyone! Have just updated my blog

    Princess x